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Minnesota fly fishing articles. Fly fishing articles, stories, fly fishing tips about fly fishing in Minnesota for trout, bass, pike, panfish and other gamefish.
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Whether you’re new to the sport of fly fishing, or have been enjoying it for years, knowing the location of the local fly fishing tackle store is a great way to help make your trip successful. This is the place where you can pick up extra equipment, or maybe grab a reel when yours breaks, or snag the extra lures that you forgot to pack. It’s also a good place to catch up on local fishing news, like weather conditions, which fish are biting where, and what’s the best lure to get them to bite.

In addition to lures and bait, a good fly fishing shop will have rods, reels, traps, floats, tackle boxes, lines, nets and other fishing gear. You may also be able to buy tents, a camp stove, fishing vests and boots. Buying gear here could improve your fishing trip, since the shop is most likely to sell equipment that is suited for the area. Look for well-known, quality manufacturers, such as St. Croix, Daiwa, Okuma, Berkley and Shimaro.


Minnesota Fly Fishing Article
Monday, October 9th 2006 was a day to remember, but it didn't just happen, it took hours of lake research, knowledge of the habits and behaviors of Northern Pike and the patience to stick with it, even with a stiff wind in my face. In order to catch large Northern Pike, you first need to find a lake that has the kind of forage base, water quality and spawning habitat in order to grow and sustain large Northern Pike, because let's face it, if the body of water your fishing doesn't have large Northern Pike in it, chances are pretty good you won't catch any large Northern Pike.   Read More...

Minnesota Fly Fishing Article
Returning home empty handed from the northwest Wisconsin town of Brule after the semi-annual Steelhead run I wondered if there was anything positive to take away from the experience. Chris and I planned this adventure for weeks, searching websites for river reports, visiting the hatchery, talking with fly shop owners and experienced fishermen familiar with the area. We carefully studied the topography and scouted the sites twice in the weeks leading up to the trip. Reading and listening intently to the excited words of those who had fished the run, we had convinced ourselves that this was going to be an experience to remember.   After this weekend we were going to add something to the repertoire that few others could boast of: conquering the mighty steelhead and wild salmon migrating upriver from the inland sea we call Lake Superior.   Read More...

Minnesota Fly Fishing Article
Why tie my own leaders when I can buy a packaged leader at a local fly shop?  There is no definitive answer when it comes to tying you own leaders in an already complex sport we call fly fishing.  It’s just another intimate way of understanding one aspect of fly fishing, not unlike tying your own flies.   Read More...

Minnesota Fly Fishing Article
Here are a few things to keep in mind as you head out this winter season and hit some area streams for the winter season.

Gear: Most any type of fly rod will suffice, but I prefer a longer rod (8.5-9 feet in length) with anywhere between 2-5 weight line. The longer rod allows for easier mending. I also like a softer action rod this time of year. You won’t be “ripping lips” in the winter season; it’s a much more subtle and often dainty take on the trout’s behalf, so softer action for a simple raise of the rod to get a set works best for me.

Minnesota Fly Fishing Article
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Press Releases about Minnesota Fly Fishing and MN Fly Fishing

Press Releases about Minnesota Fly Fishing and MN Fly Fishing.

Minnesota Fly Fishing Press Releases - Fly Fishing Niche Marketing 
PRWEB - November 2, 2005

Minnesota Fly Fishing – An Example of Niche Advertising

Niche advertising techniques for fishing guides and complementary businesses.

Are you a Minnesota fishing guide, or resort/motel owner that benefits from people who fish? Maybe you’re a shop owner looking to increase your fishing merchandise sales. If you are, you need to find a cost-effective means of advertising in a medium that serves the customers you have targeted. The Internet is ideal for many of you looking to advertise in niche markets such as fly-fishing.

Keys to Niche Marketing

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